Foundation for the Future

Revitalization Project Phase Two

We are in a new and exciting season at Central!  With phase one of “Foundations for the Future” nearly complete, we have all been blessed by the revitalized facilities developing at our church. Thank you for participating in the Phase One miracle!
We sense a new season, fresh vision, and we see God moving in our midst. God has recently challenged us to make Generation Next a high priority. Now, in response, it’s time to begin the next phase of our growth!

PHASE TWO: Foundation for the Future
Phase Two of Foundation for the Future will begin the creation of a new Children’s Ministry Center. We want to make sure our Generation Next has the best possible experience each week!

  • Remodeling and building of a Children’s Ministry Center auditorium
  • Furnishing & decorating the Children’s Ministry Center
  • New chairs & tables
  • Audio and visual technology for the Children’s Ministry Center
  • Classroom and hallway renovations
  • Creative decor and design for an immersive experience
  • Upgrading play area equipment
  • Lift or elevator to make the Children’s Worship Center fully accessible.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by December 31st  for Phase Two.
We are expecting a miracle.
Please pray about what God would have you give to be a part of laying a foundation for the future.